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Servings: 6


Salt and pepper to taste

3-5 pound venison roast

3 tablespoons olive oil

2 whole onions (of your preference) peeled and halved

8 carrots, unpeeled, cut into 2-inch pieces

1 cup red cooking wine

3 cups beef broth

3 sprigs fresh rosemary

3 sprigs fresh thyme


Preheat oven to 275 degrees Fahrenheit. Salt and pepper the venison roast on all sides, be generous! Heat olive oil in dutch oven on stove-top over medium to medium-high heat (some dutch ovens state not to heat on hotter than medium heat). Add the onions to the pot (keep them halved)! Brown on both sides, 3-5 minutes total, then set aside on a plate.

Add more olive oil if needed, and then throw carrots into the pot. Toss until evenly browned, about 4 minutes. Place carrots on plate with onions.

Add  more olive oil again (here comes the good part)! Place venison roast in pot and sear evenly on all sides, about 1 minute each side. Remove roast to a plate.

Keep the burner on the same heat intensity, and add the red cooking wine. Deglaze the pot by scraping all that good stuff off the bottom of the pan, so much flavor in here! Once you get all that goodness scraped off, place the roast and veggies back in the pot. Fill the pot with beef broth until roast is about half way covered. Place fresh herbs on top, and cover with lid.

Roast for however many hours the roast is heavy (ex: 3 pound roast is 3 hours). When the meat is falling apart when you stick it with a fork, it is done my friend!

**NOTE: It’s ok to use ground thyme or other seasonings you may prefer rather than fresh herbs.

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There’s truly nothing like enjoying meat you have hunted and harvested yourself!

This venison roast was from the buck I harvested this fall. It was the first harvest I had in about 4 years with my bow, and I could not have been more excited! 4 years of practice, patience, and perseverance finally paid off. If you’re a hunter, you will totally understand the shaking knees and HUGE grin I sported when I got this buck!

And I gotta tell ya, the reward was sweet! Well, maybe not sweet, maybe savory is the better word for it. This pot roast recipe was given to me from a coworker, and the original recipe can be found at www.foodnetwork.com

Just a few simple ingredients, my new dutch oven my momma got me for Christmas, and fresh game from local ground. Nothing beats fresh and homemade. Nothing beats simple. Nothing beats knowing where your food comes from!








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