Pursue the happy. Be a boss. Don’t quit your daydream. However you want to put it, pursuing our dreams is a topic commonly discussed these days. With the hum-drum of the 9-5, and the high rates of unhappiness in our society, it’s really no surprise people are trying to find ways to pursue meaningful work and live a life they love. Even Pinterest is chalk-full of ideas on how to “be a girl boss.”

Actually living this out can prove to be much more difficult than we may expect. Having the boldness to do what we love despite what others think, coming up with the time and resources necessary to pursue our dreams, and even figuring out what the heck we are really passionate about are all challenges we may face when pursuing the good life. Though I am no expert in this area, I do have a few tid-bits that may be helpful if you find yourself on the path to a more fulfilling life.

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No two people’s journeys look the same.

It’s easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing, and as humans we have an innate desire to fit in. I often hear people criticizing other’s decisions. The working mom vs. the SAHM, the college educated vs. the blue collar worker, the entrepreneur vs. the long-time corporate employee.  These are just a few groups of people who I notice throw criticism at each other for their life choices. With everyone having an opinion about everything it can be hard to hear ourselves telling us what we truly want.

If you are passionate about something in particular, I truly believe that as long as you are not hurting another person then you should go after that passion. Our world and history are full of people who pushed through the status quo to pursue something they truly believed in. If the Lord has set you on fire about something then that is a sure-tell sign it is His will for you, and He will see you through it!

Simply Filled | Christian Lifestyle Blogger | Pursue Your Most Fulfilling Life | Personal Development | Self Care | Faith

Seek opportunities for personal growth.

Not sure what you’re passionate about? Have no idea where to start? I encourage you to seek opportunities for self-growth and introspection. As we get to know ourselves better, we will begin to figure out what we really care about in life. This will guide us to what we should be spending our previous time on.

There are a plethora of opportunities on the internet, including courses/websites/books, to help you study yourself a bit better to find where your passions and natural areas of strength lie. I have taken Barrie Davenport’s “Path To Passion” course, and highly recommend it! If you don’t want to spend the money, then journaling is a simple and affordable way for introspection. Jotting down our thoughts can be a good way to get to know ourselves better. Also, think about your childhood. What were the things that you loved, hobbies you had, or what you wanted to be when you grew up? These seemingly childish things can be a great indicator of passions you can rekindle that you forgot about!

God has given us each unique talents and gifts.

Are there things people tell you you’re good at? Things that you get lost in and lose track of time? These are likely things that involve your God-given talents and gifts. Out of the billions of people on earth, He has equipped each of us with unique skills that He wants us to use while on this earth!

If you’re not sure what these are, ask people who know you what they think you’re good at. Think about things people frequently ask you to help them with. You can also write down all of the things you can think of that you’re good at, and brainstorm ways you can use those talents in your work and service to others. There are no rules or limits here! God used creativity to equip you, so be creative in your brainstorming!

Simply Filled | Christian Lifestyle Blogger | Pursue Your Most Fulfilling Life | Personal Development | Self Care | Faith

When in doubt, pray it out!

My best and ultimate piece of advice for anyone in any situation ever is to pray. If you’re not sure what to do with your career/schooling/marriage/personal-life/hair-do, ask The Good Lord to guide you! It probably sounds weird, but prayer to me is the closest thing to a magical lamp. Except it’s even better because God knows what we need better than we do ourselves, so He will “grant our wishes” in a way that is truly best for us. How awesome is that?!

When we choose to pursue our most fulfilling lives, there can be many challenges. People may judge us for whatever decisions we make, we may not even know where to start, and self-doubt will certainly creep in. The above ideas are ways I have found to be helpful when trying to pursue my most fulfilling life. One more thing to keep in mind…..pursuing a fulfilling life is a journey, not a destination. Try not to get frustrated, trust in God, and enjoy it!



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