Music Is Medicine – Miranda Lambert

Whether it be the harmonious hymns played at the altar on Sunday morning or your favorite song flowing out of the radio speakers during an afternoon drive, music lifts us up. Where everything else fails to uplift our spirits, music fulfills the need. It is our medicine when prescriptions have failed, and our means to express joy when we simply can’t find the words.

I’m sure no one is a stranger to the healing effects of music. There is a song for every soul, a song for every mood, a song for every occasion. Whether joyful or troubled, relaxing or striving, celebrating or grieving. Music can speak to us in ways that no person ever could.


Studies have shown that music is stimulating to the brain, improves neuroplasticity (i.e. creates better connections and gets rid of bad connections throughout our brain making it work better!), and aids in emotional well-being. Whether listening, playing, or writing music we can all engage in this wonderful and free gift given to us by God.

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“The Lord is my strength and my song.” Exodus 15:2

Not only is music a gift from God, but a means in which we praise Him. While you are taking time to rest in God’s word and bask in his glory today, I encourage you to do so through music.

Dust off those old guitar strings, tickle the ivories, or simply sing loudly (and if you’re like me, badly!) in your joy for The Lord! Don’t worry about how it sounds. Just let the music reveal the praise and love you have for Jesus Christ, and be a reminder of the love He has for you!

Simply Filled | Christian Lifestyle Blog | Sunday Simplicities | Music is Medicine | Quotes About Music | Gratitude | Piano

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for the gift of music. A beautiful means in which I may praise you. Melodically reminding me of the great love You have for each and every one of us. If music is to play an important role in my life, please reveal to me in what way You plan for me to pursue it. I pray that music may be medicine for those whom traditional methods have failed. Please help me to rest and enjoy in the beauty of this gift You have given us. Thank you for being the song in my heart! Amen.



8 Replies to “Music As God’s Way To Lift Us Up”

  1. I suffer with various aspects of PTSD, and there are some old cds that were done by integrity music – scripture put to music. These were my first musical medicine. Now, It has become a medical necessity for me to bask in worship daily. Thank you for confirming this!

    1. You are most welcome! I work in healthcare, previously in mental health specifically, and there is so much research on how beneficial music is for a wide variety of mental health issues. Ranging from emotional to cognitive well-being, we can’t deny how great music is for us! I am so glad you were able to utilize this gift to help you. I will have to check out some integrity music, I’ve never heard of that! God bless, and prayers that you continue to do well!

      1. There is a group on line…but that’s not the ones I mean.
        here’s a link to one of the cds on Amazon…
        At least, that’s the search…

        Here’s a link to the new integrity music page with a bundle:

        No, there’s no affiliate issue here…just a great appreciation for this group gathering the music together that has soothed my soul!

  2. This is a great reminder. I have often used music to express feelings that I couldn’t quite get out otherwise. It has often been a way that I communicate with God (and He communicates with me). I actually was just dusting off the old piano this weekend! This is a great reminder that I should do that more often.

    1. Music is amazing in how we can use it to communicate to God isn’t it? Good for you! We just recently moved my parents piano to our house a month or so ago, and I didn’t realize how much I missed it! I hope you got a chance to play some this week, thanks for the sweet comment!

  3. I love this. Thank you for reminding us how much music can do for us on so many levels and all at once. And it’s expressive Avenue being able to give and receive through this gift. I’ve been experiencing lately that there’s nothing like worship to wash away worry. I appreciate your post on this subject!

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