Happy New Year!

2018 is here folks, and many of us are thinking over what we want to accomplish in the new year! Making resolutions and setting goals are great, but with a lack of motivation we often disappoint ourselves with our shortcomings.

Now I’m not here to provide any researched or strategic steps on how to achieve your goals in the new year. My approach to getting motivated in the new year is much more introspective. With some self-awareness, coffee, and a lot of Jesus we can find the motivation we are craving to work towards achieving our goals. Let’s make getting motived for 2018 simple and attainable!

Acknowledge Your Feelings

When we experience negative feelings, our initial reaction is to push them away. We try to force the unwanted emotion away, which in turn often leads to anger and frustration that we cannot will the feeling away.

Instead, simply allow yourself to feel whatever it is you’re feeling. Let yourself feel unmotivated, angry, annoyed, frustrated, bummed out. Once you acknowledge you’re feeling this way, then you can start to move past it. Try to pinpoint reasons you are having these feelings. Then, think of an easy thing you can do today to move forward in overcoming it.

For example, if you are bummed because you are in debt, take a look at where you’re spending you’re money. Vow to cut-out one weekly trip to a fast-food place. Simple! If you are annoyed because your house is cluttered, then take 20 minutes to as I say “bus the house.” Put away everything you can in 20 minutes, you will be shocked in what you accomplished. Again, simple! 20 minutes to less stress!

Allow these negative feelings to be fuel for why you need to get re-motivated. Certainly we don’t want to live our lives with these negative emotions consuming the bulk of our days. Wanting to feel happier overall should be an awesome motivation for us to make whatever change is in our hearts!

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“Lord, listen closely to me and answer me because I am poor and in need.” Psalm 86:1

Simply take your burdens and worries to the Lord! Tell Him your hearts desire and the concerns you have about reaching them. When we closely communicate with God, this is when we can best hear Him speaking to us in our lives. Tell God you are in need of a revival, and He surely will deliver!

While we are waiting on this revival, we must have faith and be patient. God will give us what we need in His perfect timing, not ours. If He doesn’t deliver in the way or timeline you think He should, be still. Let the revival happen in the waiting, as this will strengthen your faith! When you struggle with this, pray for strength, patience, and perseverance in the waiting. He will listen and provide.

One Step At A Time

We achieve big things through small steps. It’s easy to look at the big picture for what we want in our life: to lose 50 pounds, move up 2 steps in the ladder of our job, clean out all of the junk in our home. These tasks seem daunting, but by taking small steps each day we can get there.

It is through persistence and perseverance that we achieve our big “pie in the sky” ideas. Knowing this rather than allowing ourselves to become consumed with overwhelm can give us motivation enough to take that first step.

Still not convinced? Try making a quick pro’s and con’s list highlighting what would happen if you did or did not take steps towards your goals. If you don’t try to lose those 50 pounds you will likely gain more weight, feel more sluggish, and possibly develop diabetes/heart disease/high blood pressure. Once we see these possible outcomes side by side it can open our eyes and motivate us to take those first steps.

Simply Filled | Christian Lifestyle Blog | Revival | Savior | New Beginnings | Goal Setting

Lord, Give Me A Revival!

Going into the new year, I recommend picking one thing you wish to do and tackle that first. Practice a little introspection, ask for God’s help on the matter, and take one step at a time. Doing this daily will add up to big changes in the long-run.

With each little success, celebrate it! Allow this excitement and pride be fuel to tackle the next small step to achieving your bigger goals. Any success is one worth celebrating. Following the laws of inertia, if you are on a roll of positivity you will continue to be on that roll towards more positivity.

Last but certainly not least, thank the Lord for guiding you towards the attainment of your goals, and ask His guidance throughout the journey to the next one. One of the best and easiest things we can do for ourselves is talk to God about what’s in our heart. We can do it at any time, any where, for however long we feel we need to. In 2018, let God be with you on your journeys. He loves you and wants to be a part of them!

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  1. “It is through persistence and perseverance that we achieve our big “pie in the sky” ideas.” Yes, we need to ask God what He wants us to do, then break down our goals into bite-sized pieces to achieve them!

    1. Susan, you said it! And to remember that things will happen in HIS time, not ours. This one is hard for me! But knowing His timing is best makes me feel better when things aren’t happening according to my timing.

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