A cluttered house makes for a cluttered mind.

Spring has almost sprung! Over here in central Illinois spring seemed to begin in February. We were having 60-70 degree weather, the grass has begun to turn bright green, and gardeners are commenting that their tulips are already sprouting up. Then today, we wake-up to the blue glow of the morning from the moon reflecting off a snow-covered earth. Now, typically I don’t mind the snow, but gosh darn-it I’m ready for the spring weather!

With spring almost upon us, I have been doing a purge of the house. Pre-spring cleaning, until we can get outside to work on things. I have always been one to get rid of clutter, donating or tossing things I no longer use. I have found that by regularly doing this not only does my house look better, it feels better.

When our homes are messy and cluttered, our minds are cluttered. The endless mass of STUFF covering our countertops, overflowing our closets, and piling up on our desks is a pure distraction. At times it seems so overwhelming that it depletes our energy sources just by the presence of it. It is difficult to focus on anything with all the stuff surrounding us. All this stuff takes up room that you could have for more important things, implanting frustration in your heart rather than goodness. To make more room for the important things in life, begin the process of a major overhaul.

blue mop, hardwood floors

How To Start?

I have developed my own kind of system for doing a major cleaning and purging. First thing I do: pick up all the clutter in the house and put it where it is supposed to go. Before any dusting, vacuuming, or deep cleaning you have got to organize things first. If there’s an object I know I will not need, then I go ahead an put it in a designated place for my “junk” pile. If there’s an item I’m not sure if I want to keep it or not, I go ahead and place it where it typically should go. Once you get things where they need to be, you have a more clear idea of what you need to keep and what needs to go.

Next task: I decide what needs to go. Once everything has been placed in it’s designated space, I pick a room and begin. I go through every drawer, table, closet, and basket picking out what no longer serves me. I place it in my “junk” pile, and move onto the next room. A rule of thumb I have always heard is that if you haven’t used it in over a year then pitch it (unless of course it is something seasonal that only gets used once a year like the pressure-washer for the porch and siding). I work my way from room to room, but I don’t necessarily do every room in one day. If you don’t have time to designate a whole day for purging, pick one room per week until the job is done. Once I’ve got my “junk” pile completed I decide what needs trashed and what can be donated, organize the items accordingly, and take care of it.

Last step in my process: deep clean. You’ve got everything organized, put away, and gotten rid of the junk. You now have a clear space to work with. Now is the time to get the duster out, the polishers, and the vacuum and go to town. Word to the wise: be careful when moving furniture! Don’t use your back, use your legs as your powerhouse, and ask for help when needed (my physical therapy brain can’t be turned off). Once you abolish the dust, the crumbs, and the dog hair you will have a nice clean space that you can enjoy.

clean laundry on the line

Clear Space, Clear Mind

Ahhhh, finally you can breath! With all that clutter out of your house you can think clearly again. I’m telling you, it’s one of the best feelings to look around your house after a good cleaning and enjoy it. It’s as though a weight has been lifted. Your home suddenly feels lighter, because it is! It is such a wonder sense of accomplishment to plop down on the couch and enjoy your clean home. You are no longer stressed and visually distracted by the stuff that was piled up everywhere. Your mind is able to focus on more important things, and you are able to focus on and enjoy the precious things in your life.

Hey all, it’s March. The perfect time to get to work. You can pick a day, a weekend, or pick different days for each room to tackle your spring cleaning. I promise you the time and effort is worth it. There’s few things in life that feel better than enjoying a freshly cleaned home. Your heart, mind, and your husband will thank you for it! P.S. he can pitch in too!



2 Replies to “How To Clear Your Mind-Clear Your Closets”

  1. I also do love a clean and tidy house/living space, but as soon as my lil monster awakens from his slumber, it’s walking over tractor toys and lego pieces. ughhhh. But I repeat this process every time, because you’re right it is a type of serenity for sure when its clean and junk free. Let the purge begin!!!

    1. Every little boy needs tractor toys sprawled about the house! How adorable, I can imagine it’s a never-ending battle when you have a little one. Thanks so much for stopping by Trevor!

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