Simply Loved In The New Year

Keeping in the spirit of the new year (I promise this will be my last post regarding the new year!), I wanted to share the first of many #SundaySimplicities posts. These posts will be short, sweet, and simple posts about God’s love for us with a bible reference and prayer at the end.

The intent of these posts is to provide a simple reminder of God’s love for us. And I figured what better day than Sundays to provide this post! My longer weekly posts will now be up on Thursdays, so keep an eye out for those also!

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God’s Promises

For 2018, I am REALLY going to try to read the entire bible. Front to back, Genesis to Revelations, not skipping any parts. The book of Genesis is where the story of Noah’s Ark is written. While I was reading this, I was reminded of God’s amazing promise He made us, and all the other promises He makes us.

“So God said to Noah, ‘This is the sign of the covenant I have established between me and all life on the earth.'” Genesis 9:17

God’s promise that He will never again destroy the human race with a flood is proved to us through the physical appearance of a rainbow. If you think about it, that is so amazing! This covenant occurred hundreds of years ago, and He still presents this evidence to us in today’s world.

This got me thinking, if we have physical evidence of this one promise from God, then can’t we be rest-assured that He will come through on all of His other promises? Promises to be everything we need, to keep our souls full, to be the living well we can drink from endlessly? We certainly can!

Going into the new year, if you are feeling discouraged or unsure about your future, rest in the knowledge of these things. God promises to fill us up, no matter our circumstances. If one of His first promises to mankind still shows evidence today, then surely He will make good on all of His promises!

Dear God, please lift us up and provide us encouragement for this new year. Many people are struggling, only You know the wholeness of this, and we pray that you would meet their needs. Whether their needs be physical, emotional, financial, or otherwise please provide them with what they need to have a happy and healthy 2018. Please draw us nearer to You, and encourage us to rely on You for all of our needs. Help us to remember your steadfast promises. Thank You Lord, Amen.

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