It’s the little things in life that count.

A timeless philosophy, but so incredibly true. One thing that I find particularly important to me in my everyday life is seeking God’s presence in ordinary situations. Admittedly, I rely very heavily on God’s guidance in my life. When the hub-bub of everyday life gets me down, I look for God’s presence around me and am immediately lifted up.

Imagine this: You’re sitting in traffic. It’s a Friday afternoon, and you’re on your way home from work. Problem is, so is everybody else and traffic is moving slow. Plus you seem to hit every red light. You notice your gas tank is almost empty, and you are going to have to stop to pump gas before rushing home to your weekend of respite. Then, your husband calls and asks what’s for dinner tonight. You remember you forgot to pick something up at the store, and you’re going to have to turn around and head back that way.

Just when you want to bang the steering wheel with your fists out of frustration, your favorite song comes on the radio.

Your heart-rate slows and you begin to unclench your fists. You find yourself humming along with the soothing tune. While scanning the line of trees outside of the window you notice how the snow blankets the limbs, like frosting covering a cupcake. Suddenly, you remember the coupon you have for the store for 30% off of a meat purchase. As you are waiting at the stop light, you notice an older couple walking out of the pharmacy near-by, hand-in-hand, and the man opens the car door for his dear wife.

base of pine tree covered in snow

When we take the moments to stop and look around, we notice God’s presence everywhere.

The song that came on the radio was God’s gift to you in a time of frustration to help you de-stress. The snow frosting the tree limbs provides beauty during a time of winter’s cold and dreary weather. The coupon for the store is God’s display of being able to provide us with everything we need. And the sweet couple coming out of the pharmacy is proof that love never dies. God’s glory, surrounding us in these ordinary situations. The ordinary becomes truly extraordinary when we acknowledge God’s presence among it.

winter landscape lit cabin

Sometimes God shows himself to us in the form of physical things.

The starlit sky on a clear summer night, the soft breeze rustling the cornstalks restlessly waiting on the farmer to cut them, the reflection of the trees and sunshine glistening off of the lake water reminding us how God can be in two places at once. He can be in a billion places at once, because he is everywhere. He is all encompassing, and he is everlasting.

Other times, God reveals himself to us through occurrences. The store clerk who when out of his way to help you find just what you needed. The nurse that provided a loving touch during a time of worry and fear. The pile of dirty dishes waiting for you to clean, as this means you’re fortunate enough to have food to eat and clean water to wash them with. The long to-do list sitting on your kitchen counter, for this proves you have the freedom and opportunity to pursue things you want and need.

orange leafed tree in winter landscape

As we begin to open our eyes to all of these little moments where we notice God’s presence, a couple of things happen. Our spirits are lifted, and our hearts are happy as we notice evidenced of God’s loving and protecting presence surrounding us. That for every bad thing happening in our day, there are at least 10 good things happening. We also become more grateful, more thankful, as we notice the many blessings God has bestowed us with. The more thankful we are, the happier our souls are, and the more full our hearts are. Recognizing God in all of the little things that make up the content of our daily lives helps us realize how close God truly is to us.

So today, I encourage you to take time to look around. See the world around you, and intentionally seek God’s presence. I guarantee, you will find His presence in every moment of your life. And with God so close by all of the time, what can we be down about? Take relief in knowing He is always here, and he is blessing us in ways we don’t even realize.


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